Site Feasibility

DeBu Studios can be utilised at an early stage even when you are searching for that perfect location. A report is prepared which will itemise the planning controls and restraints associated with your site.

Concept Design

Here at DeBu Studios we believe that we should win projects based on a presented design concept, not the quoted fees, so we offer free design concepts for large scale renovations, new homes and dual occupancies. With the concept you will be able to gain a preliminary quote from one of our trusted builders. Call today to find out more.

Application Management & Processing

DeBu Studios will be the applicant on your behalf while your application is being assessed by Council or the selected PCA. This will allow direct communication between DeBu studios and the approving authority. This also involves collating various consultants and there documents to make up the entirety of the application. 

Pre DA Meetings

If your proposal is complexed a meeting with council can be arranged to discuss possible concerns with the project.

Supportive Documentation

Full preparation and /or organisation of the Statement of environmental effects and basix certificates.

Contract Drafting

Outsource Drafting Services.

Design & Documentation

A great design cannot be achieved without the assistance of accurate detailed plans. DeBu will deliver the following:

-Concept design with 3D visualisation
-Design development
-Application documentation
-Construction detailing
-Materials and finishes schedule
-Interior design detailing

Construction Management – Quality Control

DeBu Studios will provide continued participation and consultation during the building process. The Objective is to ensure that the development follows the finalised detailed plans provided by us. Working in collaboration with you, the builder and trades will uphold the quality that has been set out in the plans for the best end result.

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